Warm Communications presents Hydro & War & Mateba — Nostalgia

Beat smiths Hydro, War & Mateba grace Warm Communications for their debut on the label. It’s the perfect 12″ that rides the line between the rough & the smooth.

«Clair Obscur» pours out ominous pads alongside rolling breaks with all the subtle switch ups we love. It morphs and twists from the dark into lighter territory then back to the bleak. «Nostalgia» is a lush roller mixed with live bass(by Mateba) and beautiful, shimmering keys. We hope you all enjoy.

Catalog: WARM041
Label: Warm Communications
Format: 12″
Title: Nostalgia
Artists: Hydro & War & Mateba
Style: Drum & Bass
Country: United Kingdom
Released: 20th of January 2017 (not out yet.)

Hydro | Soundcloud
War | Soundcloud
Mateba | Soundcloud
Warm Communications | Soundcloud

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