Martial Manners — Mindmapper & Fre4knc SALESPACK

Dutch producers Mindmapper & Fre4knc team up to deliver the ‘Martial Manners’ EP in celebration of Translation Recordings’ tenth vinyl release, which comes on a visually stunning piece of crystal & transparent white vinyl!

Up first is ‘Collessius,’ whose heavy-rolling bassline rushes in with the force of a tsunami, leaving a wake of dancefloor destruction in its path. ‘Shutter Angel’ is a futuristic track where tight, snappy breakbeats slingshot back and forth between an electrifying bassline that surges across the airwaves like a beam of focused energy. Mindmapper & Fre4knc
delve into darker territories on ‘Fenryr,’ whose gritty atmospherics and subterranean low
frequencies deliver a unique and immersive listening experience. They close the EP on a deep, meditative note with ‘Mind of Steel’ (digital only) where drum edits slice through growling bass riffs with blade-like precision. The ‘Martial Manners’ EP strikes the perfect balance between dancefloor and experimental to carry on Translation Recordings’ ongoing mission to bridge audiences with quality music that can be enjoyed in all listening environments.

Translation Recordings is proud to unveil its summer 2012 project capturing all moods sublime with the ‘Universal Grooves LP’. A limited press on transparent blue vinyl, this special edition 12inch showcases a diverse sampling of Translation’s full album that will not disappoint. The A-side brings the thunder showcasing the heavy hitting, rolling and dubby sounds of Loxy and Resound’s ‘Civil War’ and Theory’s calculated genius behind the ragga and amen tear-out, ‘Final Confrontation.’ Flip to a switch in vibe as DBR [UK] drops the bass-heavy, modern-steppin’ ‘Stress Levels’ back to back ASC’s eclectic deep-space remix of Mindmapper’s epic and cinematic ‘Orbital Orchestra,’ out now on the ‘Without Borders LP.’ The full fourteen track CD version of ‘Universal Grooves LP’ is bundled with each 12inch, featuring an array of tracks from a spectrum of talent across the map including Anile (UK), DLVRY (UK), Flatliners (Turkey), Furi Anga (Finland), LM1 (UK), Loxy (UK), Mortem (Poland), Nuage (Russia), and Resound (Finland). A seamless story of the dog days of summer, ‘The Universal Grooves’ LP is a refreshing treat for any medium of sound.

Catalog: TRNSLPACK001
Label: Translation Recordings
Format: 3×12″
Title: SALESPACK incl. 010 / 009 / 008
Artist: Various Artists
Style: Drum n Bass
Country: United States
Released: 20th of January 2017 (not out yet.)

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