Amandra with Principe De Veracruz on Tikita, the Casablanca based label.

Tikita, the Casablanca based label focused on »body & mind» music and its fifth offering is from French artist Amandra.

Putting out just one release a year since 2014-all of them on Ahrpe Records and with one being a full length-he has fomented a deep acid, ambient and techno sound for back rooms and underground clubs everywhere.

This new EP continues in that fine form with four more tracks that suck you right in. ‘Principe De Veracruz’ is first and has spooky, sparse pads drifting about over pressurized rubber drums.

It’s widescreen and absorbing, then ‘Quatre Heroica’ is a little more direct, with jostling drums and kicks down low and a heavenly pad floating up top. It is suspensory music that really hypnotizes you with its beauty.

‘Autochtone’ then goes deep, with supple drum programming, wubbing synths and gluey drums making a soft bed for you to lay in as distant, delicate pads snake off into the distance.

Lastly, ‘Risque Papantla’ is another unhurried, naturally evolving track that is full of layered up drums and hits, shakers and tribal sounds that are subtle yet physical as well as being emotionally involving.

  • Catalog: TIKITA005
  • Label: Tikita
  • Format: 12″
  • Title: Principe De Veracruz
  • Artist: Amandra
  • Style: Techno
  • Released: 10th of February 2017
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